Who are we?

Medimpex Pte Ltd.’s current commercial activity focuses on supplying the food industry and pharmaceutical industry with raw materials. The key players of these industries are among our partners, but small and medium-sized companies are also part of our partner network, and their development is of paramount importance to us.

Our activity is based on our stable financial background, so we have a self-contained warehouse complex and a significant stock of raw materials at the disposal of our partners. Our imported products are mainly coming from direct factory sources as we have partnerships established all around the world.

Our competitiveness is largely due to more than 70 years of professional experience in the industry, our partner network and our professionally trained and highly qualified sourcing team that is constantly looking for new sourcing opportunities and deals to provide the best possible value for money for our partners.

In addition to the supplying of raw materials, we try to support our partner companies with all the necessary technical information to ensure that production security is consistent and to provide the materials needed for their future developments.

We also offer a self-manufactured product, which we successfully market locally and internationally.


Our story

The Medimpex Trading House was established in 1949, then as a state-owned company specializing in the export and import of Hungarian medicinal products.

Until the ’80s, it operated as an independent pharmaceutical foreign trade company. At the end of 1982, it was transformed into a joint venture of the largest Hungarian pharmaceutical companies- – Alkaloida, Biogal, Chinoin, Egis, Reanal, Gedeon Richter and the Pharmatrade Foreign Trade Company.

Simultaneously with the conversion of these companies, Medimpex managed to adapt to the changing economic conditions in the 1990s by first operating as a Ltd., then from 1991 as a joint-stock company, fully utilizing the skills of its highly trained employees working in the domestic and global markets, foreign subsidiaries and offices.

After 1996, Medimpex once again underwent fundamental organisational changes, the parent company established three domestic subsidiaries, and the companies and offices operated abroad were placed under the direct management of the former owners. The parent company – Medimpex Pte Ltd. – was acquired by Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC. The restructuring has simplified the ownership structure and made the operation of the different branches more efficient.

The company is still characterised by stable and efficient management.

During these years, the company started marketing health products in the broader sense, such as medical equipment, medical appliances, pharmaceutical-grade cosmetic products and vitamin products. The state-of-the-art warehouse complex has further strengthened the extensive partner network of the company.

Todays the basis for the success of Medimpex Pte Ltd. lies in the export-import activity and the closely related services it offers.